The T3 Story

The T3 Story

How T3 made looking fabulous into a science

Revolutionise the Routine


  • Silicon Valley whiz kid, Kent Yu, watches his girlfriend’s morning beauty routine
  • It includes high-priced, high-performing beauty products
  • She finishes her routine with a supermarket hair dryer that fries her hair
  • Kent has the idea to develop a dryer that performs to the same level as the rest of her beauty routine


A Gem of An Idea


  • During a year of research, Kent learns about Tourmaline, the ‘Electric Stone’
  • Tourmaline is used in commercial applications due to its unique gemstone properties
  • When heated or put under pressure it naturally emits negative ions and infrared heat
  • Kent patents the Tourmaline infusion process


T3 Develops the First Tourmaline Dryer


  • The first Tourmaline hair dryer, the T3 Featherweight, is launched
  • By combining patented Tourmaline technology with the unique SoftAire™ airflow design, the dryer delivers:
  • Lightning fast drying for a professionally perfect finish
  • Moisture and reduced frizz for healthier styling
  • Hassle-free drying and styling due to its light weight and quiet operation


T3 Dryers and Irons: The 'It' Tools

MARCH 2004

  • Almost immediately, the T3 dryer becomes a phenomenon with influential session stylists such as Orlando Pita


Celebrity Appeal


  • The T3 dryer is selected for the Oscar bag and given to Leslie Mann, Britney Spears, Fergie, Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker—quickly becoming a celebrity favorite


Breakthrough Buzz

MARCH 2008

  • T3 hair tools are the first ever to be featured—and recommended—in high-end fashion and beauty magazines
  • T3 begins to consistently garner editorial commentary in fashion and beauty magazines, a first for hair tools and a trend that continues today
  • To date, T3 products have received more than 22 different fashion and beauty awards


All-New Featherweight 2


  • Orlando Pita, world-renowned hairdresser, “It’s a must-have tool for me backstage.”
  • Luke O’Connor, celebrity hairstylist, “I absolutely love the tool!”
  • Jess Prince, Harper’s Bazaar, “They’re beautiful!”
  • Marta Topran, Cosmopolitan, “Pretty!!!”
  • Alex Gonzalez, Real Simple, “Oh my God! They’re amazing!”
  • Tory Kirby, Redbook, “Wow! It’s so light!”

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