The T3 Story

Revolutionise the Routine

  • Silicon Valley whiz kid, Kent Yu, watches his girlfriend’s morning beauty routine
  • It includes high-priced, high-performing beauty products
  • She finishes her routine with a supermarket hair dryer that fries her hair
  • Kent has the idea to develop a dryer that performs to the same level as the rest of her beauty routine

A Gem of An Idea

  • During a year of research, Kent learns about Tourmaline, the ‘Electric Stone’
  • Tourmaline is used in commercial applications due to its unique gemstone properties
  • When heated or put under pressure it naturally emits negative ions and infrared heat
  • Kent patents the Tourmaline infusion process

T3 Develops the First Tourmaline Dryer

  • The first Tourmaline hair dryer, the T3 Featherweight, is launched
  • By combining patented Tourmaline technology with the unique SoftAire™ airflow design, the dryer delivers:
  • Lightning fast drying for a professionally perfect finish
  • Moisture and reduced frizz for healthier styling
  • Hassle-free drying and styling due to its light weight and quiet operation

T3 Dryers and Irons: The 'It' Tools

MARCH 2004
  • Almost immediately, the T3 dryer becomes a phenomenon with influential session stylists such as Orlando Pita 

Celebrity Appeal

  • The T3 dryer is selected for the Oscar bag and given to Leslie Mann, Britney Spears, Fergie, Liv Tyler and Sarah Jessica Parker—quickly becoming a celebrity favorite

Breakthrough Buzz

MARCH 2008
  • T3 hair tools are the first ever to be featured—and recommended—in high-end fashion and beauty magazines
  • T3 begins to consistently garner editorial commentary in fashion and beauty magazines, a first for hair tools and a trend that continues today
  • To date, T3 products have received more than 22 different fashion and beauty awards

All-New Featherweight 2

  • Orlando Pita, world-renowned hairdresser, “It’s a must-have tool for me backstage.”
  • Luke O’Connor, celebrity hairstylist, “I absolutely love the tool!”
  • Jess Prince, Harper’s Bazaar, “They’re beautiful!”
  • Marta Topran, Cosmopolitan, “Pretty!!!”
  • Alex Gonzalez, Real Simple, “Oh my God! They’re amazing!”
  • Tory Kirby, Redbook, “Wow! It’s so light!”

The Science of Super Speed Drying


When Kent Yu, T3 founder, taped two of the original Featherweights together and tried the concept out on his wife, she experienced hair drying so fast, that T3 immediately set about transforming this prototype into reality.

The two Featherweight dryers dried hair so quickly because they generated an increased volume of air while maintaining the same Tourmaline infused, optimised temperature and air velocity for which the Featherweight is known. Other dryers emphasise air velocity over air volume causing hair to whip around, resulting in frizz and flyaways.

T3 increased air volume in the newFeatherweight 2 and Featherweight Luxe 2i by enhancing the Tourmaline SoftAire technology so that it could drive more air through the dryer while keeping the temperature and air velocity the same.

T3 Air Volume