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Featherweight 2 Hair Dryer


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Drying strands in record time, the T3 tool adds a special shine to hair, even when used to rough-dry. It is lightweight and truly one of the best of its kind.

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Healthier than air-drying

Powered by proprietary T3 Tourmaline® and advanced SoftAire™ technology, the Featherweight 2 dries your hair faster for great results.

With a sleek new design inspired by fashion trends, an ergonomic, tilted handle and weight balanced shape, the Featherweight 2 is as beautiful to look at as it is to hold. Experience the Science of Fabulous every time you blowdry.

SoftAire™: The Beauty of Speed

Regular dryers can take 30 minutes to dry hair, using a hurricane-like airflow that causes damage, frizz and flyaways. Featherweight Dryers work differently, drying hair in an average of just 7 minutes.

T3’s advanced SoftAire Technology generates a greater volume of air and weaves it through the dryer at the ideal heat and speed. The ion-enriched air then exits the dryer in a wide cone shape that dries larger sections of hair at a time, faster and healthier.

T3 Tourmaline®: The Secret to Healthy Drying

Tourmaline is known as the “electric stone” because when heated, it emits negative ions and healthy infrared heat. Negative ions speed up drying by breaking water droplets into smaller molecules, retaining healthy moisture. At the same time, they cancel static and seal the cuticle.

T3’s proprietary Tourmaline infusion process

Many other Tourmaline applications only spray a coating of Tourmaline which wears off over time. Tourmaline-infused components, the T3 patented process, keep their benefits forever.

Infused ionic and infrared benefits are much stronger than with coated applications" takes the highest quality gemstones and crushes them into a fine powder that is infused into the internal dryer components. Unlike other dryers that have just a spray coating of Tourmaline that wears off, the healthy-hair benefits of T3 tools last the products’ lifetime.

    I loved the look the T3 gave me — and it led me to believe that maybe my hair wasn’t so difficult to style after all. I just needed to invest in some higher quality hair tools to help give my thin hair a boost. And by cutting down drying time I can spend some extra minutes styling. 


    Features & Benefits

    • T3 Tourmaline®: Patented infusion process emits negative ions & infrared heat for faster, healthier drying.
    • Ionic: Breaks down water molecules for faster drying and helps smooth the hair cuticle.
    • Ceramic: Infrared energy heats hair evenly from the inside out for faster drying and lasting results.
    • T3 SoftAire™: Delivers a large, perfectly even cone of heat that accelerates drying process even further.
    • 2 Speeds & 3 Heat Settings: Provide greater styling versatility for all hair types.
    • Cool Shot: A burst of cool air locks in any style for a smooth, sleek finish.
    • Tourmaline Concentrator: Directs enriched airflow for faster, healthier, more precise drying.
    • Ergonomic Handle: Angled design alleviates strain on your wrist for the most comfortable drying experience.
    • Long Life Motor: Professional-level, highly durable, long-lasting motor.
    • 9ft Cord with Cord Wrap: Professional-length cord for effortless drying and easy organisation.
    • Weighs just 675 grams! (1.5lbs)
    • Lightweight: New weight-balanced design for even greater comfort.
    • 2 Year Warranty: Offers comprehensive coverage, telephone support and repair options.
    • Free UK & Ireland Delivery

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews Write a review

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 9 reviews
    GREAT customer service

    love my dryer but the nozzle (concentrator?)kept falling off and eventually broke - customer services in the UK were absolutely super.
    Highly recommend,

    Bad customer service

    I Have been treating to get a new concentrator piece for my dyer, only available on the US site by the way, after phone calls, emails still no answer, love the product but not happy with the service,...

    Hi Tatiana, we are so sorry to hear this, we would like to rectify this asap. Please let us know the best way to contact you, or please call Amal on 020 8912 5325. We look forward to hearing from you!

    Can't believe how quickly this dryer dries my hair! So happy with my purchase despite being unsure of the cost at first, well worth every penny!


    This is the best hairdryer that I've ever owned. Not only does it make my hair shiny and silky, it also dries my hair super fast! Definitely worth the price tag. A great purchase that I would happily recommend!

    Do not Hesitate !

    I researched and found the top brands of hair dryers, I tried as many as I could. This one is in a league of it's own.I'm very pleased with how shiny it makes my hair look and how quickly it dries.Its light which makes the task so much easier too.I'm really happy with it,I can justify the higher cost,because the results are so brilliant!