Hair Breakdown | Golden Globe Winner, Rachel Bloom

Golden Globe Rachel Bloom

By Creighton Bowman, Celebrity Stylist, Tracey Mattingly Agency

To begin, I applied Volume Builder by Matrix from root to end and blew out the hair using the T3 PROi dryer.

I then created a deep side part, and using 2-inch vertical sections, I waved the entire head with the T3 Whirl Convertible Styling Iron.

For an undone textured look, I passed the T3 SinglePass 2 flat iron over large sections to give the hair a “next day” look.

Golden Globe Rachel Bloom

Hair Breakdown | Golden Globe Nominee, Sarah Hay

Golden Globe Sarah Hay

By Megan Lanoux, Celebrity Stylist, Exclusive Artists Agency

To begin, I prepped hair with a smoothing cream and sectioned in preparation for blow-drying with the T3 PROi Dryer. Once hair was dry, I used the T3 SinglePass 2 flat iron at the root, as I wanted it as smooth as possible before curling.

After sectioning the hair into 5 parts, I started at the nape of the neck, and curled the hair away from her face with the 1.5" barrel attachment of the T3 Whirl Convertible.

I pinned each curl to her head as I went, to allow for cooling. After 20 minutes, I unpinned the curls and brushed out the hair with a boar bristle brush to smooth and break-up the curl.

Golden Globe Sarah Hay

January 15, 2016 by T3 Haircare

Hair Breakdown | Golden Globe Laverne Cox

Golden Globe Laverne Cox

By Ursula Stephen, Celebrity Stylist, Starworks Artists Agency

Beginning with clean, dry hair, I sectioned into 4 parts in preparation for curling.

Using the 1.5" attachment of the T3 Whirl Convertible, I curled 1-inch sections, alternating the direction of the curl, and pinning to the head as I went. After I removed the pins, I brushed the curls out and used a smoothing serum to tame fly-aways.

Next, I pulled her hair into a side pony and secured with an elastic. I gently pulled the short top layers out of the pony and put to the side. To shape the chignon, I twirled the hair in the pony and secured to side of the head with hairpins.

To finish, I shaped the shorter layers to frame the face and applied a generous amount of hairspray for a strong hold.

Golden Globe Laverne Cox


January 15, 2016 by T3 Haircare

Hair Breakdown | Golden Globe Presenter, Sophia Bush

Golden Globe Presenter Sophia Bush

By Peter Butler, Celebrity Stylist, Tracey Mattingly Agency

We decided on a low ponytail with a deep side part that was sleek and had added shine. The look is super modern chic and expensive! All of my favourite things!

To begin, the hair was blown dry with no volume using the T3 PROi dryer, this dryer is perfect because it is lightweight and powerful. I then flat ironed the hair in medium-sized sections with the T3 SinglePass 2 Styling Iron to heat seal the cuticle and provide maximum shine while smoothing the look.

I then secured the ponytail with a crochet elastic, we couldn’t take any chances of the ponytail falling out on the red carpet!

Golden Globe Sophia Bush

January 15, 2016 by T3 Haircare