Hair Breakdown | Golden Globe Laverne Cox

Golden Globe Laverne Cox

By Ursula Stephen, Celebrity Stylist, Starworks Artists Agency

Beginning with clean, dry hair, I sectioned into 4 parts in preparation for curling.

Using the 1.5" attachment of the T3 Whirl Convertible, I curled 1-inch sections, alternating the direction of the curl, and pinning to the head as I went. After I removed the pins, I brushed the curls out and used a smoothing serum to tame fly-aways.

Next, I pulled her hair into a side pony and secured with an elastic. I gently pulled the short top layers out of the pony and put to the side. To shape the chignon, I twirled the hair in the pony and secured to side of the head with hairpins.

To finish, I shaped the shorter layers to frame the face and applied a generous amount of hairspray for a strong hold.

Golden Globe Laverne Cox


January 15, 2016 by T3 Haircare
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