Get the look 


Step 1

Rough dry hair using the Featherweight 2 Dryer and the T3 Paddle Brush, focusing on the roots to create volume.

Step 2

Starting at the crown, grab sections of hair that are about 3” wide. Lift the section up, place a 1.5" roller behind the tips of the section, then wind the roller down to the head and secure with the roller clip. Place a total of three to four 1.5" Voluminous Hot Rollers in a Mohawk section from the crown to the hairline.

Step 3

Continue this process with two 1.75" rollers on each side of your head. Lift sections at least 90° from the head, place the roller under the section and wind it towards your head. Secure each section into place.

Step 4

If you want extra volume, you may use additional rollers in that bottom section.

Step 5

Let the rollers cool for 10 minutes before removing the clips. The rollers' lights will turned red once these are cool. For a smooth, voluminous look, brush out your hair using the FreeFlow Vent Brush and finish with hair spray.


Final Look 

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August 15, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK
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