Don't get tied down by boring hairstyles. Take you locks for a loop with this Celtic knot hair tutorial. 


Step 1: Dry

To start this Celtic knot hair tutorial, smooth dry your hair using the Cura LUXE and Paddle Brush until it’s 100% dry. 

Step 2: Straighten

Straighten 1″ sections of hair from root to end using the SinglePass LUXE

Step 3: Section & Loop

Grab two face-framing sections of hair on each side of your part. Take the left section and create a loop by bringing the tail up and over the mid-section of the strand. 

Step 4: Weave

Pull the left loop taut. The right strand then goes underneath the loop and over the tail of the looped strand.

Step 5: Weave

Then pull the tail of the right strand underneath the mid-section of the looped strand. 

Step 6: Knot & Pull

The right tail then goes through the hole of the original loop. Once the knot has been created, gently pull both tails tight to hold it together. 

Step 7: Wave

Secure the knot in place using bobby pins until it feels locked in. 

Final Look

This twist on a half-up, half-down ‘do is sure to weave its way onto your list of favourites. 

July 11, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK
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