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Nourish your locks too! Our T3 Pros weighed in on food that is good for your hair – read on to see their advice on how to fuel your best hair ever.

Kristin Shaw, T3Pro

Ingesting food that is good for your hair like healthy fats are a way to get your hair shiny, and stronger. For those who each meat: organic, grass-fed butter and ghee are amazing options to cook with. For those who do and don’t eat meat, olive oil, coconut oils and avocados are great too! Make sure everything is organic, and if from an animal – grass-fed. It’s key to make sure that the fats are good for you – shop smart! You can also put herb oils in a hair mask – find a carrier oil or creamy base that works for you: avocado, pumpkin, or jojoba oil and add in drops of rosemary oil for hair growth! 


Dimitris Giannetos, T3Pro

I’ve tried many recipes through the years to achieve the best formula for a hair mask treatment and I came up with this recipe!! I’m Greek so of course I couldn’t start this recipe without using 2 oz of Kalamata olive oil, 1 oz of honey, 2 egg yolks and 1 oz of castor oil. If your hair is bleach blonde, instead of using olive oil I recommend using coconut oil because the olive oil might turn your hair green! Leave the mask for half an hour and then rinse with warm water. I suggest that you only do the mask on your ponytail and not your roots.

Amy Komorowski, T3Pro

I love using coconut oil in the hair, it’s kind of a miracle oil. It’s great to use as a hair mask, for deep conditioning or even to protect your hair from the sun.


Casey Gouveia, T3Pro

Seaweed is excellent for your hair! I found out when my husband was traveling back and forth to Japan for business. He was eating tons of sushi and seaweed and his hair was growing like a shiny healthy weed! Since seaweed is a marine algae, like other marine extracts, it helps your hair grow stronger! Just think of its gelatinous texture. It builds hair up the same way! It adds hydration to the hair and scalp. Seaweed has fatty acids, vitamins and minerals that help improve hair as well as skin.


Maureen Burke, T3Pro

While working with various models in the fashion industry from many different countries, a beauty secret that keeps coming up is powdered collagen. The benefits are healthier skin, hair, bones, joints and nails. Recently I have been adding a scoop of collagen to my tea in the morning and noticed favourable results. I recommend the unflavoured powder so as not to alter the taste of your beverage of choice – enjoy!


Andre Gunn, T3Pro

My favourite food for hair is sweet Honey! Not only is it delicious to ingest but it is rich in antioxidants and antibacterial. To have healthy hair the “soil” should be healthy and rich as well. Also a purifying shower head is a key for healthy skin and hair, I love mine from T3! For a honey hair treatment you can add it to your existing conditioner in 50/50 portions and let sit for ten minutes. Be sure to work into scalp and comb through hair for maximum benefits.


August 21, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK


Go from ocean air waves to salty hair waves in minutes with this post beach hair tutorial!


Step 1: Wave

Sandy, salty waves are the perfect base for this post beach hair tutorial. Throughout the hair, wrap random 1/2″ strands around the Undone Waves barrel from the Convertible Collection. No need to curl all your hair – the new waves are meant to compliment those created by your day at the beach!

Step 2: Create Topsy Tail

First, take a 2″ face-framing strand from each side of your part. Tie the two strands together using a thin elastic. Then pull the ends of the pony up and through the base of the tie where the elastic sits to create a topsy tail.

Step 3: Tie Ribbon

Place your favourite summery ribbon or thin scarf at the crown of your head. Then wrap it around the topsy tail and tie a knot or a bow and the base of the ponytail.

Final Look

This look will take you straight from the beach to your next social engagement faster than the changing tides! 


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August 21, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK


Over the course of a woman’s lifetime, she’ll spend countless hours drying and styling her hair. To make these hours less of a chore (and have a bit of fun), we created the Cura LUXE. No, this isn’t your £30 drugstore hair dryer, it is an investment if yourself and your happiness – nobody wants to deal with a slow, fry-your-hair blow dryer at 6 AM, let’s be real! And for £235 (gasp), we are going to offer you a different kind of drying experience.

Luxurious Experience

Our new Auto Pause Sensor is the feature you never knew you needed! Most women start and stop their dryer, set the dryer down, readjust their round brush, then pick the dryer up again. The Auto Pause Sensors knows when the dryer has been released and pauses the airflow when you set it down (so you don’t have beauty products flying all over your bathroom), then resumes when you pick it up again with the same heat and speed settings you left off with for hassle-free styling.

Healthy Hair by T3

All beautiful hairstyles start with healthy hair. T3 approaches drying hair differently, by slowing down the air velocity (how fast the air moves) and increasing the volume (how much air is pushed through the dryer) drying hair faster. We did a survey just to ensure we were heading in the right direction as we developed this dryer and 97% of women agree that the Cura LUXE is powerful but gentle on their hair, and 91% of women agree that dries their hair faster than their regular dryer.*

Smooth and Sleek Hair

We added a powerful built-in ion generator, which enhances the air with negative ions and smooths the hair cuticle. When hair cuticles are smooth, the result is soft, shiny hair every time (who doesn’t love that?!). A slower air velocity prevents hair from being aggressively blown around and causing frizz, 96% of women agree that the Cura LUXE left their hair looking shiny.*

Customised Drying Experience

With 5 heat settings and three fan speeds, you can make your drying experience your own. Turn the Volume Booster on for bigger, volumised hair, and turn it off, to smooth the hair cuticle for more polished, sleek strands. Pick the settings that match your mood – are you feeling sleek and sophisticated or playful and bouncy? By the way, the Cura LUXE also comes with two concentrators, a wide concentrator for quick drying and a narrow, styling concentrator.

*Based on a consumer study

Discover the Cura Range 


August 15, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK


Get the look 


Step 1

Rough dry hair using the Featherweight 2 Dryer and the T3 Paddle Brush, focusing on the roots to create volume.

Step 2

Starting at the crown, grab sections of hair that are about 3” wide. Lift the section up, place a 1.5" roller behind the tips of the section, then wind the roller down to the head and secure with the roller clip. Place a total of three to four 1.5" Voluminous Hot Rollers in a Mohawk section from the crown to the hairline.

Step 3

Continue this process with two 1.75" rollers on each side of your head. Lift sections at least 90° from the head, place the roller under the section and wind it towards your head. Secure each section into place.

Step 4

If you want extra volume, you may use additional rollers in that bottom section.

Step 5

Let the rollers cool for 10 minutes before removing the clips. The rollers' lights will turned red once these are cool. For a smooth, voluminous look, brush out your hair using the FreeFlow Vent Brush and finish with hair spray.


Final Look 

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August 15, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK


Get the look 


Step 1

Start with dry hair. Create a clean part down the middle using the T3 All-Purpose Cutting Comb.

Step 2

Using the Twirl 360, starting at the front of your head, take 1" sections and curl hair away from your face.

Step 3

Once you have passed your ears, start curling away from the face and towards the face, alternating as you work your way around the head.

Step 4

Let hair cool and then break up the curls by raking your fingers through the hair.

Final Look

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August 08, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK


Festival hair is all about trying something new. Break out the temporary dye and flowers, we picked our 5 favourite styles for you to rock all weekend.

August 08, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK


Five different brushes, five different purposes. This T3 brushes 101 lesson helps you pick the one that’s right for you.  


Vent Brush

The free flow Dry Vent brush is specially designed to allow for maximum airflow, making quick drying a breeze. We recommend using this brush to minimise time drying your hair before styling. It also works great at gently detangling wet hair

Paddle Brush

Looking for a sleek, frizz-free blowout? The Smooth Paddle brush helps you get there. Its cushioned body gently combs through your hair while providing a soft drying base for your favourite T3 dryer. Wear your hair straight, or use it as a starting point for your go-to hairstyle.

3" Round Brush

If you love a soft and straight blowout, but crave a little something extra, the Volume 3 brush is perfect for adding slight bends to the ends of your hair. Starting halfway down a 1-2″ strand, wrap your hair around the barrel of the brush and comb down and under while applying heat with your dryer. The subtle flips add the perfect amount of movement!

2.5" Round Brush

Turn up the va-va-volume! The Volume 2.5 brush allows you to add lift to your roots and wavy body throughout the rest of your hair. The best part of this brush? It’s the perfect size to accommodate all lengths and thicknesses. 

2" Round Brush

A fully-styled and wavy blowout is at your fingertips with the Volume 2 brush. Create spiraled mermaid curls without an iron by wrapping 1″ sections of hair around the brush and twisting downward as you blow dry (click here for a full video tutorial!). This brush also does wonders on adding volume and bends to shorter hair.

July 25, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK
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Get the look

Step 1

Create a deep side part using the arch of your brow as a guide. Blow dry with the Featherweight 2 and the FreeFlow Vent Brush to help smooth out the roots and create a sleek side part.



 Step 2

Using the SinglePass X, heat up the braids from roots to ends for about 30 seconds each or until braid feels warm.



Step 3

Once the braids have cooled down, release them and rake through with fingers or gently brush them out using the FreeFlow Vent Brush.



Final Look

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July 18, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK


Maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s T3! Use this natural curls tutorial to get the bouncy, coiled hair of your dreams. 


Step 1: Smooth Dry

Create a smooth base for this natural curls tutorial by drying your hair to 100% using the Cura LUXE and a Paddle Brush.

Step 2: Tease

Working with 1/2″ sections, begin to gently tease the top half of the strand close to the root using a comb.

Step 3: Curl

Wrap the teased section of hair all the way around the Whirl Styling Wand. Ensure the entire strand is wrapped around the barrel, from the root to the tip. Repeat steps 2 and 3 until all the hair has been curled.

Step 4: Brush

Once the hair has fully cooled, gently brush through all the curls using a Paddle Brush

Final Look

No matter what your natural hair texture is, you can now get “I woke up like this” curls in just four simple steps.

July 18, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK


 Don't get tied down by boring hairstyles. Take you locks for a loop with this Celtic knot hair tutorial. 


Step 1: Dry

To start this Celtic knot hair tutorial, smooth dry your hair using the Cura LUXE and Paddle Brush until it’s 100% dry. 

Step 2: Straighten

Straighten 1″ sections of hair from root to end using the SinglePass LUXE

Step 3: Section & Loop

Grab two face-framing sections of hair on each side of your part. Take the left section and create a loop by bringing the tail up and over the mid-section of the strand. 

Step 4: Weave

Pull the left loop taut. The right strand then goes underneath the loop and over the tail of the looped strand.

Step 5: Weave

Then pull the tail of the right strand underneath the mid-section of the looped strand. 

Step 6: Knot & Pull

The right tail then goes through the hole of the original loop. Once the knot has been created, gently pull both tails tight to hold it together. 

Step 7: Wave

Secure the knot in place using bobby pins until it feels locked in. 

Final Look

This twist on a half-up, half-down ‘do is sure to weave its way onto your list of favourites. 

July 11, 2018 by T3 Haircare UK